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Office signage is important, not just for navigation but also to help provide a consistent theme to your premises, and to help your brand stand out to visitors, clients and customers. It also helps to create necessary order and efficient logistics within a business too – depending on the nature of the business, you may require departmental signs to distinguish between warehouse settings and internal departments, or even as simple as creating clear signs for organising products and marketing materials so that staff can find what they need more easily.

Office Signage

Office signage is often the first thing people see when approaching your business, so it’s important that it provides the right impression. There are many aspects to think about when purchasing office signs, from lobby signage to help people find your premises, to safety signs to ensure people know how to safely exit and navigate the building in case of an emergency. You may even require noise level signs, such as ‘Do Not Disturb’ for conference rooms, or ‘No Smoking’ and ‘No Parking’ signs for use around the office and exterior of the building.

Floor Markers and Navigation

Clear and visible signage is necessary in offices to help make navigation easier, for new and existing employees alike, and the larger your premises, the more vital signage becomes. From helping people find the exit or the toilets, to directing them to the reception area, there are always uses for navigation signage within a business setting. Whether it’s floor signs and markers, or guidance signs to indicate which part of the building you’re in, office signage should be clear, concise and informative.

Door Signs

Office door signs are crucial to help employees and visitors understand where they need to be. Meeting room signs, in particular, are useful to help employees understand where they can host workshops or catch-ups with other staff members.

You may choose to number your rooms for simplicity, using individual numbered signs, or to make use of engraved plaques to more explicitly detail which rooms serve which purpose. For CEOs, executives and managers, name plates are also useful to indicate dedicated office rooms and avoid uninvited visitors from using the wrong room for an impromptu meeting.

Department Signs

For larger organisations, department signs are important to separate out areas of the business. For example, highlighting reception signs with name plates, so that people can easily find assistance if they need it, is helpful and makes getting around the company simpler.