Affordable Fast Flexible

Slate door numbers and plaques are a wonderful addition to any home or commercial site, and are also a great choice for signage in gardens and outdoor public spaces. This durable stone holds up to weathering and will maintain its appearance long-term. Slate is rich in natural character and markings, with beautiful colour variations, and it ages well for a sign that will only grow with style and uniqueness as time goes on.

Slate Signs

Slate signs add a rustic yet simple design to your home, while still providing a modern touch. Natural slate is effective at meeting key signage needs – it’s both durable and offers a clear finish, as well as being stylish. This material can be used to create numbered or lettered slate house signs, as well as slate house number signs if you’re looking for individual numbering for your home.

As slate is such a natural yet durable material, that’s easy to clean and maintain, so you can be sure that your sign will last for many years to come. You can also create your sign from different types of slate, such as smooth, rough, clean cut or rough cut, to give you the finish you require that will match the look of your property. It’s the ideal aesthetic match for brickwork and carries engraving and laser cuts well for the perfect touch of style.

Laser Engraved Slate

Slate engraving ensures a clean, crisp finish to any numbering or message you choose to include on your sign. Using precision tools and equipment, we can craft any text, style or font you choose, for a product that’s bespoke and fits your requirements. Slate is available in a range of shapes and sizes, as well as being rich in natural markings, so each one is personal to you for a great dose of character to your home, business or garden.

Engraved slate signs make a great gift that you can personalise with your own message for use in and around the home. Or perhaps you want to commemorate a special occasion or event with a unique, custom-made sign that will add a splash of sophistication and will serve as a wonderful keepsake afterwards. Simply send us your requirements and we’ll craft your sign to your exact specifications for a thoughtful and bespoke sign that you’ll treasure for years to come.