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What better way to add a personal touch to your wedding than with a customised sign that you can keep as a reminder of your special day? Wedding signs make a great addition to your décor and are a fun prop for photos and selfies.

Wedding Signs

There are a number of ways to use signage at your wedding, from directional signs letting your guests know where everything is, to a personalised Mr and Mrs sign to commemorate the big day. If your wedding is in a more remote location, signs can also serve as a useful marker to let your guests find the venue more easily.

Wedding signs don’t need to just be used outside though – there are plenty of uses for them inside too. Why not have a ‘Welcome to our wedding’ sign created to guide your guests to this special occasion, or have directional signs made up to direct them to the dance-floor or the photo booth. From the humorous to the romantic, quotes are also a wonderful addition so why not have special plaques made to dot around as decoration?

Laser Cut Wedding Signs

Whether you choose wood, metal or acrylic for your wedding signs UK company Cut My Sign will provide an expertly crafted finish to your chosen design. One way this is achieved is through laser cutting materials for a smooth and precise result. Why not choose a wooden welcome wedding sign as a way to greet your guests? Alternatively, have name plates made up for each of the tables at your dinner so your guests know where they’re sitting.

Engraved Wedding Signs

Personalised wedding signs, from wooden to acrylic, can create a great effect to suit the theme of your day. If you’re savvy with social media, why not create a hashtag and have it engraved into a sign so that guests can snap photos and add their guest book messages to the tag instead? Adding your venue location and the date of the wedding as well will ensure this sign remains a sentimental keepsake for the future as well.

Customise Your Sign

If you’d prefer something more rustic and customisable on the day itself, why not choose a wedding chalkboard sign instead? Cut My Sign provides natural and unique slate signs which have beautiful markings and can be used as a message board by your friends and family on the day, for you to read later.